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Officina Srl was born in 1996 as “Mancini & Ferlini Associates Architects”, from the two founders' name, Arch. Paolo Mancini and Arch. Cecilia Ferlini, Owners and Chief Executive Officers of the firm; Paolo and Cecilia are both leading the groups taking part of the various working teams.

Officina Srl is composed by a team of professionals, bringing to the architectural firm their experience and sensibility to reach a “fine tuning” with customers. The Team provides the customers with a “taylor made” approach for both architectural and home design solutions, often beyond all expectations.

So far,  architects' work has been enriched by a number of significant projects, with reference to both contents and dimensions; furthermore, the Architects have established interesting collaborations with both specialized architectural firms in Italy and abroad.

So far, the architects have been involved in many researches within the academic field, namely in coordination with Politecnico di Milano with Parma State University and with Firenze State University.

CV Arch. Paolo Mancini (download pdf)
CV Arch. Paolo Mancini (allegati - download pdf)

CV Arch. Cecilia Ferlini (download pdf)